Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today's Artist Showcase is...

Keith Knight!!

Keith Knight is one of my favorite cartoonists. I love so many things about his work. First, his stuff is hilarious, engaging, and utterly entertaining. If you put a book of his cartoons in front of me, I will tune out the entire universe until it's completely devoured (not unlike a bag of Cape Cod potato chips, which I don't allow in my house for that reason).  

Also, I love that he crams his panels full. It works because his style is really crisp, clean, and ALIVE. There's so much vibrant energy and personality in his handwriting and drawings. It seems like nowadays, with computers and all, you don't always get a sense of the energy that comes from the artist's hands.  

I was fortunate to be able to catch an exhibit of Keith's work at the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco when I was there last year. It was excellent. They showed a ton of his original work, which was such a treat. And it was there that I learned that he's originally from Massachusetts (although unlike me, he was wicked smahht and left). 


Veronica said...

Keith rules! It was so awesome when you and I met him in SPX in 2007!

Alison Undercover said...