Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr. Coffee vs. Mr. Coffee Nerves

What I was getting at in my previous post is that, of all the possible 'Mr Something' characters, why isn't there a Mr. Coffee? I mean, the product itself is called "Mr. Coffee." It's such a missed opportunity.

Ok, so... apparently I overlooked several 'Mr. Somethings' in my last post: Mr. Owl, Mr. Zip, Mr. Jelly Belly and, oh, lookie here, Mr. Coffee Nerves!

Mr. Coffee Nerves was the character behind 'Postum,' a decaffeinated beverage alternative to coffee. He's the dapper fellow that makes you all jittery and borderline psychotic from drinking the elixir of Satan, I mean coffee.
I actually think Mr. Coffee Nerves has tons of appeal and that his comeback is long overdue. He's well-groomed, articulate, and offers great advice to kids. And look at his hands. They're like Jesus hands that someone chopped off an illustration of Jesus raising his hands towards Heaven.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mr. Something

I designed this collage of 'Mr. Something' logos. I think you recognize them...

Mr. Peanut is finally coming clean (yuk yuk) about his passion for Mr. Bubble. Don't they make the cutest couple? Seriously. I'm so relieved - because Mr. Bubble was getting to be such a pain. What with his goofy laugh and big butt and all the pointless splashing.

Then there's Mister Salty, the adorable pretzel boy in his sailor get-up, and Mr. Clean, who I believe has done time, but is now a bouncer at one of the hip gay night clubs.

But someone is sorely missing from this salty-clean-bubbly-peanutty mix... hmmm.... can you guess who it is?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pattern Design

This is a dress I bought a long time ago. I absolutely love the fabric. I don't think it works for a dress though so I never wear it. But I'd happily pay the right skilled individual  interested in earning some coin to turn it into a throw pillow or two.

I'm kind of obsessed with pattern design in fabrics, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc. I can get lost looking at stuff like this. I'd like to try to design some of my own and will keep you posted when I do.