Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mr. Something

I designed this collage of 'Mr. Something' logos. I think you recognize them...

Mr. Peanut is finally coming clean (yuk yuk) about his passion for Mr. Bubble. Don't they make the cutest couple? Seriously. I'm so relieved - because Mr. Bubble was getting to be such a pain. What with his goofy laugh and big butt and all the pointless splashing.

Then there's Mister Salty, the adorable pretzel boy in his sailor get-up, and Mr. Clean, who I believe has done time, but is now a bouncer at one of the hip gay night clubs.

But someone is sorely missing from this salty-clean-bubbly-peanutty mix... hmmm.... can you guess who it is?


Veronica said...

Mr. sellouts more like it! They gave in to the MAN

Alison Undercover said...

TRU DAT. Mr Bubble was so awesome before he went commerical. I have all his albums.