Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr. Coffee vs. Mr. Coffee Nerves

What I was getting at in my previous post is that, of all the possible 'Mr Something' characters, why isn't there a Mr. Coffee? I mean, the product itself is called "Mr. Coffee." It's such a missed opportunity.

Ok, so... apparently I overlooked several 'Mr. Somethings' in my last post: Mr. Owl, Mr. Zip, Mr. Jelly Belly and, oh, lookie here, Mr. Coffee Nerves!

Mr. Coffee Nerves was the character behind 'Postum,' a decaffeinated beverage alternative to coffee. He's the dapper fellow that makes you all jittery and borderline psychotic from drinking the elixir of Satan, I mean coffee.
I actually think Mr. Coffee Nerves has tons of appeal and that his comeback is long overdue. He's well-groomed, articulate, and offers great advice to kids. And look at his hands. They're like Jesus hands that someone chopped off an illustration of Jesus raising his hands towards Heaven.

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