Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Face Asymmetry

Faces are one of my favorite subjects to draw. I've always enjoyed looking at pictures of faces. I'm fascinated by the distinct lines and shapes that make a particular face unique. When I draw a portrait, I'm always curious to see what minimum amount of information will make a face recognizable. 

I'm also fascinated by (and very grateful for!) facial asymmetry. I created some of my own examples of this phenomenon with photos of a man and woman. The photo to the far left is the actual person. In the middle and far right images, one side of the face is copied and pasted on the other side to make a completely symmetrical face.  

It's funny how both of the middle faces in these examples look slightly Appalachian and the faces to their right look like the Appalachian's more well-rounded, socially adjusted cousin.