Sunday, October 4, 2009

24 hour comic challenge

When I did my first 24 hour comic challenge in 2005, I actually completed 24 inked and lettered pages in less than 24 hours. But I will not be sharing any of these pages with you. Ever. Because they're junk. It was, however, a worthwhile exercise because it forced me to reach the limits of fatigue, which shook loose some new discoveries. But I can't create quality work like this, and since my time is limited, I don't think I'll do the full 24 hour challenge again.

Last year I attended part of the 24 hour challenge hosted by Worcester Art Museum. I penciled 10 pages in about 10 hours. Page 1 is pictured here. It's a piece about why I hate Thanksgiving. I went into the challenge with no idea about what I was going to do, and this rant just kind of rolled out of me. But it has sat on my drawing table for a year, un-inked, due to other projects taking higher priority.  

So yesterday, I brought it to WAM's second 24 hour challenge, and spent about 6 hours inking it. It'll be done and ready for public viewing soon! I'm thinking of making it into a minicomic for sale on this very blog. It'll make a great little housewarming gift to bring to your host on Turkey day. So stay tuned!!

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Harriet and Mickey said...

Yes, do make a mini-comic. I want one. I, too, HATE Thanksgiving. Although I am thankful.