Friday, October 23, 2009

Film Pick...12 Angry Men

This film took me by surprise. It's about 12 jurors struggling to reach a verdict in a murder case.  Normally not my cup of tea but I was hooked immediately by the suspense, tension, and performances of this 1957 film. Based on the story by Reginald Rose and directed by Sidney Lumet. Starring Henry Fonda. I especially enjoyed the performance of Joseph Sweeney, who has a great, expressive face. 

The film's theme - the importance of taking a closer examination and questioning beyond the surface facts while maintaining a balanced perspective - is applicable to so many areas of life. 

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Anonymous said...

I love this movie-- what a great cast! Jack Klugman, Marty Balsam-- if you've ever been on a jury you'll like this one.