Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hot Donut Salad - Spotlight on Bruce the Monkey!

What would Hot Donut Salad be without a generous helping of Bruce the Monkey? Bruce came to be during a very difficult time in my life, at the end of a relationship. Going through a break-up brings out all kinds of emotions. The mere exhaustion of it can sometimes oddly make you (or at least me) a little punchy. You get tired from all the struggle and sadness and then out of nowhere comes a burst of silliness. Well, Bruce was in one such burst.

I suddenly had this thought of how funny it would be if someone pitched a show to Lifetime TV in which a woman's husband leaves her, but to make up for the loss he buys her a pet monkey. The show would have all the schmaltzy-ness typical of Lifetime, but with a totally psychotic twist. And then I thought to myself, this is actually an interesting story idea that I want to bring to life in a comic.

It's funny because drawing Bruce and writing these stories actually brought me a lot of comfort during my difficult time. He really is a cherished friend, and I plan to continue his story!

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