Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot Donut Salad - Saddam Hussein Made Me Pancakes

These uncolored, unlettered pages are from my comic about Saddam Hussein making me pancakes. This comic is based on an actual dream that I had. It was around the time that Saddam Hussein was captured, so my subconscious brain was probably processing the media images just as my nose was catching a whiff of a neighbor making breakfast...

Whatever it was, after awaking and thinking about it some more, I thought maybe my psyche was trying to reconcile the disparity between Saddam's outward appearance with the actual person that he was. The dream made me realize that he does in fact kind of look like someone's bumbly, grandpa and/or a short-order cook, which kind of works against his whole 'I'm-the-embodiment-of-evil' schtick. 

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