Sunday, March 14, 2010

Survey Result! What is this guy doing?

An overwhelming majority voted on my 3/5/10 survey that the guy with the red gloves is scolding someone for being short... AND, as it turns out, you were right! Well, you were partially right. He's actually scolding several individuals for being short.   


Bret M. Herholz said...

It just proves my theory. Captain America is a jerk ;-)

Veronica said...

HAhA I really was curious what the concensus would be - but I still think he's giving hair style advice

Alison Undercover said...

He is being sent to Sensitivity Training and Anger management, so Bret all we can do is hope for the best. But ultimately, he is the one that has to want to change.

Veronica - I was hoping he was peaking at a cake in the oven because I wanted a piece! :D

Bret M. Herholz said...

I don't know A. I just see that look on his face and those gigantic hands and he just seems like a man who is set in his ways.

But you're right. We can only hope for the best.