Saturday, December 19, 2009

Film Pick...The Goodbye Girl

In the mood for some 1970's cheesiness? Then throw on a pair of bell bottoms, pour yourself a heaping bowl of cheez whiz and rent this movie! I love Richard Dreyfus. And Marsha Mason and Quinn Cummings are so barfiliciously wonderful. I also love movies about actors and it's interesting to see NYC in '70's. It was so shambly. I love that.

Get a load of this ultra-cheesy trailer. The voiceover guy is awesome. Toward the end, he actually says, "Say hello to laughter. Say hello to tears. Say hello the The Goodbye Girl." I want him to do a non-stop, live narration of my life as I go through each mundane moment of my day. 


Anonymous said...

We can't be friends anymore.

Alison Undercover said...

At least tell me where you hid my 'Capenters' CD.