Wednesday, December 23, 2009

American Girl Doll Makeover

As soon as I learned that there's an actual salon where I can take my American Girl® Doll to get a makeover, I rushed right over! Of course there was the prerequisite $1200.00 DNA test to prove that my doll IS American (but the fee is waived if the test comes back American - SWEET DEAL!) With that done, the stylists whisked her away for an afternoon of beauty and pampering, all for only 6 Gajillion dollars!!

When she was finished, they brought her to me in the doll/girl boutique where we bought matching outfits! We topped off this totally psychotic experience with a decadent meal at the doll cafe (where we dropped another couple gajillion dollars)!! But it was so friggin' worth it!!!

OK no lie people. You can actually do all of these things with your American Girl® doll (except the DNA test - but I'm sure that's coming).


Bret M. Herholz said...

Cabbage Patch Bride of Chucky is so much prettier ;-)

Veronica said...

HAHHA I used to have one! She was a Swedish immigrant whose friend died on the boat over from influenza. DEPRESSING

Anonymous said...

You have the most twisted sense of humor-- I love it!