Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things That Are Gross

There are different kinds of gross. Have you seen these candy corn Oreos? They look really super gross, as in, eating one bite might make you barf. But yet, you're slightly curious. No way are you going to buy a friggin' box of them though. Unless it's for a potluck. Then you definitely should.

Then there's spray cheese in a can. What is it about orange food? This is the type of gross food that I never buy because it just seems too gross, but I do think about it occasionally because it is freakin' delicious. If the world was ending - as in a giant meteor was headed for Earth and we'd all be dead in 2 hours - I'd probably go buy a can or two and enjoy it with some Ritz crackers. 

And how about Cinnabons. I hate that they're spelled CinnaBON and not CinnaBUN. For chrissakes, it's a bun!  Actually it's just a stupid cinnamon roll. So how can it be so delicious? Especially when it's so gross in all its gooey, processed-sugary, pulsating, frosting-drenched, decadent glory? The fact that it's so delicious but only sold in the mall and airport always seemed suspect to me, as in, is it even food? I don't seek it out, but I honestly have difficulty passing up a Cinnabun when our paths cross. And when I'm on my deathbed, I definitely want to gorge on a Cinnabun before I pass into the next realm.    

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