Sunday, September 9, 2012

DC's Love Stories

I picked up a copy of DC's Love Stories (100-page Super Spectacular). It's a 2000 reprint of the original 1971 edition. I love the super cheesy, crazy melodramatic stories and the artwork is fantastic, featuring Ric Estrada, Wally Wood, Jay Scott Pike, Bob Oksner, Mort Drucker, Tony Abruzzo, Art Saaf, and Vince Colletta, to name a bunch!

Also, it's a REALLY handy 'ready-reference' if you are trying to figure out how to draw people kissing. 



Veronica Fish said...

Ooh what's the "How to Look Fabulous" part??

Alison Undercover said...

No lie - it advises (w/ illustration) that you should lie upside-down on a ironing board that's on the floor with one end propped up at a slant, to improve circulation to your face.