Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Donut Salad in August Diamond Previews!

Hey everybody! Guess what!  Hot Donut Salad is listed with Undercover Fish Books in August Diamond PreviewsSo now's the time to run to your local comic book store and tell them you want it in stock! 

About the title and cover design:
I came up with 'Hot Donut Salad' as the title because I thought it sounded like a funny, outlandish, gross recipe consisting of donuts, lettuce, mayonnaise, thousand island dressing, cream cheese, pineapple chunks, and pimentos. I thought it would perfectly suit this collection of strange tales. Granted, none of the stories in HDS are gross, but they are outlandish, and I hope, funny.   

Because the characters in HDS each have their own story line and do not interact, I wanted the cover to depict a scene that would unite them (Timmy, Gina, Bruce, Paul, and Chicken). Once I had 'Hot Donut Salad' as the name and concept for the title, I thought it would be fun to show the characters gathered for a picnic in which it's being served in all its pulsating glory.   

Here on the front cover, Timmy is ladeling out hearty helpings of Hot Donut Salad.
Back cover