Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Mad As Hell!!!

How frustrating would it be to be a a pissed-off dolphin? I'm sure a lot of them are, but their facial architecture makes them look like they are always smiling. As someone who's fascinated with faces and facial expressions, I really sympathize with their plight.

The same goes for the Mexican Walking Fish also pictured here. This creature is on the verge of extinction, and therefore has every reason to be hacked off. But the poor thing can only smile demurely and posture like it's on the verge of doing a joyous little dance.

"Go to Hell!"
"Eff Off!!!"


Anonymous said...

At what depth would a fellow encounter one of those Mexican Walking Fish? It looks like a bottom-dweller; however, looks can be deceiving. So, I'm just curious, what's known about its "residential depth?"

becca said...

ahhh! AXOLOTLS!!!! They remind me of pokemon.. and look so funny!!!