Friday, June 18, 2010

Film Pick...Vagabond

During a recent workshop about comics to a wonderful group of 7th graders in Marblehead, MA, one student asked the panel if there's a film we'd want to adapt into a graphic novel. I drew a blank, as I often do with questions like that (thank you Andy, Bret, and Veronica for answering!), but I've been thinking about it ever since. It's a really good question. And well, this film would top my list. 

In addition to the great story, beautiful performances, and cinematography, I'm particularly interested in one of its themes - that people are fascinated by things (in this case a person, Mona) that they find both deeply revolting and sad. Made in the mid-80's, this film by Agnes Varda stars Sandrine Bonnaire. It's about a homeless woman (Mona) who travels alone throughout the countryside during winter, and the various people that she meets as well as the impression that she leaves on them. This movie is very sad, haunting, and moving. Sandrine Bonnaire really makes this film. She's one of those people that's just fascinating to watch. 

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