Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strange Cravings

Over the holidays I got really into this British comedy, Peep Show. It's hilarious. David Mitchell is genius as his character - the nerdy, uptight, workaholic, scolding, self-hating Mark Corrigan.

There were a billion episodes on Netflix, but now suddenly there are none (???).

Anyhoo, in one episode Mark and his polar opposite roommate, Jeremy (lazy, out-of-work, wanna-be musician mooch) get an Indian takeaway dinner, and talk about the onion bhajees, which I'd never heard  of - I don't think they're on the menu in the US.

They're deep-fried, breaded, curried onion clusters. Mmmmm. They look mightily delicious, no?

For the curious and ambitious: Onion Bhajee recipe


Veronica Fish said...

I love this show!! We studied it in my comedy writing class, I basically peed myself

Alison Undercover said...

It's the best! I NEED MORE EPISODES!!!