Monday, May 7, 2012

Weird Futuristicky Stuff

If I were in NYC, I'd see this exhibit.  
Kraftwerk – Retrospective at MOMA
A presentation of Kraftwerk’s historical audio and visual material is on view at MoMA PS1, April 12–May 14, 2012.
This video is really creepy and awesome:

I love bizarre-o depictions of the future as seen from the past, where everyone is all robotic and speaking in quasi-electronic voices. It reminds me of the book Future Shock. I love how the font screams, "I'm terrified of how electronicky and computerized, yet oddly 70's-ish the future is going to be." 
A documentary based on Future Shock came out in 1972 and features Orson Welles as the narrator. You can watch it here. It's creepy and hilarious. Enjoy!
Futuristically and robotically yours,