Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tips for Men - Fashion

I meet a lot of men that are lonely and depressed because they say they can't get a girlfriend. So I've come up with some tips that I think will really help all the fellas out there. 

FIRST: Let me just say, and I don't mean this as a criticism, but a lot of you guys are really phoning it in fashion-wise. Try to have FUN with fashion! Not sure where to start? Make these classic no-fail looks a staple of your wardrobe...

1) BELTED SWEATERS. Sexy, powerful. You'll be in charge when you wear your belted sweater. It pulls together any outfit, but mostly, it lets a lady know you're confident and masculine.

2) SHORTS WITH KNEE SOCKS. This look is casual but sharp. Also, don't be shy! Let us see those sexy knees! It's OK to wear something a little revealing if it's in good taste. 

3) HIGH-WAISTED PANTS. Guys - pull those babies UP!! The higher the better. Check out the hottie 2nd in from left. Pants up to his armpits! DAYUM!! (I'm gonna need to find me an ice-cold shower!) 
I just can't get enough of this look! 
Check out my favorite 'Kid in the Hall,' Bruce McCulloch, at 00:59 second mark. 


Anonymous said...

There should be some kind of warning when those pictures load! LOVE IT!

Veronica said...


Alison Undercover said...

Thanks guys! :)

Craig Taylor said...

High waited pants? I don't think so. I think it is out.

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