Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Andy Fish's Dracula, The Dead Travel Fast

My good pal Andy Fish is probably the most prolific graphic novelists I know. In the past two years he's written and drawn his own adaptation of Dracula, The Dead Travel Fast. Does that not sound like an undertaking-and-a-half? I believe Andy is the only writer/artist that could take on such a momentous project and pull it off to create a new re-telling of this story that's more fresh and suspenseful than any other. And starting today, he's running it as a webcomic on his blog every Wednesday and on weekends! So check it out! 

But if you're like me and you need to gobble up the whole book in one sitting, check out Andy's The Dead Travel Fast site to find out more about the book in hard copy, Nook version, etc. There's also some amazing original art for sale!

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