Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ink Drawing - Group Exercise...

My ink drawing class at Worcester Art Museum gets me through these winter weeks! 

Last night's exercise: Veronica gave us each a 2" x 2" segment of a photocopied comic panel by Steve Rude, without showing us the full panel. Then she gave us each a MUCH larger blank square of paper (about 2' x 2') on which to draw an enlarged copy of our square. 

At the end, you put all of the squares together like a puzzle to see what you've drawn...

It's a great exercise for studying comic inking technique. You're forced to understand the smaller components (lines and shapes) of a successful ink drawing. 

I did the bottom middle and far right squares.  

Thank you Shrikant Savant for the photo! :)


Veronica said...

Thanks for the idea, Allison!
It looks so great from above!

The ironic thing? Shrikah IS a savant

Alison Undercover said...

Thank YOU for remembering how to execute it! :)